Telangana high court issues guidelines for immersion of Lord Ganesh idols

The Telangana High court has issued guidelines for the immersion of Lord Ganesh idols at the time of Nimmajan. It has ordered not to immerse any idols of Lord Ganesh which are made up with Plaster of Paris(PoP) in tank bund.

The apex court ordered to immerse PoP idols at the designated spots on the necklace road. It also directed the devotees to consider reducing the height of Ganesh idols.

The High Court suggested idols kept at homes should be immersed by devotees in their home itself.  It ordered the government not to allow idol immersion from the Tank Bund side.

It ordered for the construction of a special rubber dam in the Hussain Sagar and the immersion should take place in that specially constructed rubber dam.

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