Thalapathy Vijay’s birthday treat for fans is ready!

In the entertainment industry, releasing first look, teasers or any update related to films on the actors’ birthday has become the tradition. Especially, in southern cinema, fans eagerly wait for their demigod’s birthday and celebrate like anything.

And the fans doing charity work on this day has become the custom and it’s been continuously following fans from generations. To merry them, production houses will release first look, teasers or any promotional stuff or update from their matinee idols’ upcoming films.

Coming to Thalapathy fans, their celebration on their demigod’s birthday is ‘vere level’. A day before Superstar Vijay’s birthday, the first look of Thalapathy 65 will be revealed on 21st June. Regarding this, an official announcement will be made soon.

Thalapathy Vijay turns 47 years old on 22nd June. Well, official updates or announcements are expecting about Thalapathy’s forthcoming projects.

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