That news on Mahesh and Rajamouli film is false

Since SS Rajamouli’s Chatrapathi days, there has been news that he will be doing a film with Superstar Mahesh for the producer KL Narayana. This news Rajamouli confirmed many times. In recent times, this was confirmed and he will do a film with Mahesh after RRR.

After the project confirmation, there have been speculations surfaced on social media as Rajamouli’s film with Mahesh would be on the lines of james bond, African jungle adventure etc., Finally, this buzz is settled at African action jungle adventure.

Regarding this buzz, producer KL Narayana clarified that no story has finalized yet and whatever the buzz currently surfacing is false. He said the director Rajamouli is still working on the storyline for Superstar’s film.

Let’s wait and see, “what sort of story Rajamouli will opt for Mahesh’s film?”

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