That’s when ‘Goodachari 2’ will happen: Adivi Sesh

Actor Adivi Sesh wanted to do a sequel to ‘Goodachari’ in 2019. But he happened to impress Mahesh Babu with ‘Major’ and his plans changed. But when is ‘Goodachari 2’ happening finally? The ‘Kshanam’ and ‘Evaru’ actor has opened up on the long-delayed sequel. 

In his interview with IANS, Sesh said that the core story of the movie has been finished. He is waiting to finish the shoot of ‘Major’ for now.
Sesh added, “I will be dedicated toward putting together a good script and screenplay for ‘Goodachari 2’ after ‘Major’ is done. So, if all things go well, we will start shooting at the end of the year.”

‘Major’, which is directed by Sashikiran Tikka, will hit the cinemas later this year. 

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