That’s why Adivi Sesh’s immunity levels went down

It’s known that Adivi Seshwas recently hospitalized after he was diagnosed with dengue. The ‘Kshanam’ actor took treatment for about a week. 

In his latest interview, the ‘Evaru’ actor has said that the hospitalization has made him realize that his immunity levels have dropped significantly. Speaking to Outlook, the ‘Goodachari’ actor said that he had shed 15 kgs for ‘Major’ in a very short span of time, the reason behind his health taking a beating. 

The actor hasn’t confirmed the release date of ‘Major’ as yet. It is a pan-India project and might hit the cinemas only in 2022. 

‘Major’, ‘HIT 2’ and ‘Goodachari 2’, in that order, are going to be his next movies. 

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