The central government respects privacy rights: Ravishankar Prasad

On Thursday, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the center respects privacy rights. Mr Ravishankar Prasad on microblogging site ‘Koo’ said that ordinary WhatsApp users need not fear about the new rules brought by the Center.

The Union Minister’s latest remarks came in the wake of WhatsApp already filing a lawsuit in the Delhi High Court challenging the new digital rules announced by the Union government. He said that when a message violating the sovereignty of India is posted on social media, the new rules say that it must first state who posted it. This will make it possible to bring out specific crimes.

 He said the new rules also require information to be passed on to investigative agencies in the case of posts that disrupt the peace and incite crimes such as rape. He said social media companies should appoint a Compliance Officer in India and set up a mechanism to respond to user complaints.

He noted that the new rules would help ordinary users of social media to look after themselves, empower them, and prevent social media abuse. Ravi Shankar Prasad clarified that not a single proposal made by India would have any impact on WhatsApp performance.

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