The release of ‘Love Story’ is likely to be postponed!

The makers of Love Story has confirmed to release their film on the eve of Vinayaka Chavithi on 10th September 2021. But the team Tuck Jagadish is also announced to release their film on the same date.

If the buzz is believed to be true, the release of Love Story is postponed to 24th October 2021. It was known that the makers have gone for a tussle with Tuck Jagadish over the release issue only. And there was some honesty in their argument as Love Story collections will be affected when Tuck Jagadish releases on the same date on OTT.

Surprisingly, now they’re dumb. Tuck Jagadish is releasing on 10th September. There have been huge expectations on Love Story as all the promotional content became a sensational hit and connected emotionally to Telugu movie lovers.

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