Theatres can be reopened any day in Telangana-Talasani

Surprising everyone across the nation, Telangana CM KCR has announced lifting lockdown without any restrictions. He said that this decision was taken based on the report of the State Medical Health board that the Covid second wave was under control in Telangana.

Later, there has been news viral that film theatres in Telangana will be opened in the first week of July with sensational Vakeel Saab. Telangana cinematography minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav said that theatres in the state can be reopened anytime but the decision is completely up to the Telugu film fraternity.

On the other hand, a team led by Megastar Chiranjeevi will meet AP CM YS Jagan and discuss ticket pricing and other issues related to theatres in July. They will also request the CM about universal pricing irrespective of area.

As per the sources, after this meeting only, Tollywood will decide on the release of their new films. But theatres in Telangana are likely to be opened in the first week of July probably with Vakeel Saab and other releases.

So, as per Talasani words, the ball is in the court of Telugu film fraternity when to re-open theatres in Telangana. But, Telangana Exhibitors Association has chosen to not open theatres until the first lockdown promises made by the government are fulfilled including Power Bill waivers and Flexible Timings.

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