Theatres can survive only through fraud in that case: D Suresh Babu

Producer D Suresh Babu has opined that theatres will have to indulge in fraudulent means to survive if the low ticket prices in Andhra Pradesh are not reversed. Speaking to the media, the producer added that B and C centers are saddled with absolutely unsustainable pricing.

“There is no way you can profitably run an A/C theatre with the low ticket pricing. The government is not ready to release a new GO revising the prices in the near future. But the likes of Kodali Nani garu have said that they will bring the issue to the Chief Minister’s notice,” Babu said.

He added that theatres will charge customers illegally if the prices are not hiked. 
The producer is of the opinion that the exhibition sector needs full support. “There were 3,000 screens in the year 2020. Today, there are about 1,750,” Babu added.

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