Theatres Vs OTT: Talks on to ensure minimum 40 days gap

With several movies finding their way to the OTT less than three weeks of their theatrical release, efforts are on to ensure that at least a 40-day gap exists between the theatrical and OTT release of a movie. In this regard, platforms such as Aha have been consulted.

“A lot of producers sell their movies to OTT platforms knowing well that the post-theatrical digital release will happen in 20 days or thereabouts. It’s because the producers are lured by an extra Rs 1 or 2 Cr. This shouldn’t happen,” Bunny Vasu, the producer of such movies as ‘Geetha Govindam’, said today.

Movies that are sold to international OTT giants for a direct-to-service release can’t be postponed at the will of the producer, he suggested, perhaps referring to the recent rows over ‘Tuck Jagadish’ release on Prime for Ganaesh Chaturthi. The Nani-starrer was to clash with ‘Love Story’ before the latter was postponed. 

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