There is no decline in Covid-19 deaths in the country

Corona cases are on the decline in the country. In the country, people are panicking as the corona deaths are not going down though cases have been declining. In the last 24 hours, 70,421 new corona cases have been reported in the country and 3,921 people died due to this pandemic. A total of 2,95,10,410 corona cases were reported in the country. A total of 3,74,305 have died so far due to Covid-19. There are currently 9,73,158 active cases in the country, of which 2,81,62,947 have recovered from the corona.  As per the Health Bulletin released by the Ministry of Medical Health on Monday, the corona recovery rate was 95.26 per cent and the death rate was 1.26 percent nationwide.

Several states and UTs have eased the restrictions as there is a decline in the Covid cases. Delhi has started the unlocking process by allowing restaurants with 50% occupancy and allowing all shops to open. In Maharashtra, five-phase unlocking has already started.

The states like AP and Telangana extended their relaxation time by continuing the lockdown till 20th June. Tamil Nadu also eased restrictions by dividing the state into two zones. Karnataka, Jharkhand, Kerala etc., also continuing the lockdown by extending relaxation period in areas with low covid cases and strict restrictions were continuing in the areas that have more corona cases.

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