There is no political confusion in the state- Karnataka CM

Chief Minister Yeddyurappa responded to the ongoing unrest in the state. He said there was no political ambiguity in the state. He lightly denied that a couple of MLAs had spoken to the media and it became the highlight. He said that there have been some who were talking like that from the beginning and it was not new. They even didn’t meet the State in-charge, Arun Singh.

Karnataka CM commented that there was no chaos in the state and even the cabinet ministers were not worried. Speaking to the ANI, he said that to talk with them if there are any issues. Yediyurappa who doesn’t want to comment on BJP MLC AH Vishwanath’s remarks has said that high comment will decide about action against him.

He said that today evening there will be a core committee meeting. Mr Yediyurappa who said that he can’t discuss the agenda has said there will be a discussion on political issues, flood, and other issues.

And they will discuss Covid relaxations in the state followed by the preparation for the third wave in the m

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