These people are at high risk due to breakthrough Covid-19 infections!

A recent study has revealed that breakthrough infections can have a serious effect on the elderly. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that those who already have the number of health problems are at high risk of contracting Covid-19 infection even after vaccination.

If anyone contracted with Covid-19 even after both vaccines is referred to as a ‘break through’ infection. As of August 30, the CDC had received 12,908 reports of serious breakthroughs. It also includes cases of those who have been hospitalized and those who have died.

According to reports received by the CDC, about 70 per cent of the cases that lead to hospitalization are in adults over 65 years of age. In addition, most of the people who die from a break-through infection are over 65 years of age.
The CDC conducted the study between January 24 and July 24. Covid-Net analyzed a total of 4,700 hospitalizations for the elderly. However, this study needs to be peer-reviewed.
Moderately 73-year-old people are hospitalized for breakthrough infections. About 71 percent of them are diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune conditions.

The median age of those admitted to hospitals with Covid-19 without vaccination was 59 years old. Of these, 56 per cent had three or more health problems, the study explained.

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