These two months are pivotal in Covid-19’s control

The signs that the country is once again on the verge of corona breakdown are worrying. The central government warns that September and October months are important in controlling the virus, which is currently in the middle of the second wave. It is also suggested to celebrate the upcoming festivals following Covid protocols with caution.

The second wave is not over yet. The Union Health Ministry warned that the number of cases has increased after every festival in the past. It is also clearly stated that it is important to wear a mask even after being vaccinated. The number of recently declining cases rose sharply across the country yesterday. The death toll has also risen.

The day by day increase in corona cases in the country is a warning sign of a third wave. It is known that Kerala state is the hot spot for the Covid third wave. Already, it has been registering more than 65% covid cases in the nation’s total.

The cases in Kerala has been increased on a huge margin after the state government has eased full restrictions during Muharram and Onam.

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