They linked me up with a Rakhi brother: Sanjjanaa Galrani

Actress Sanjjanaa Galrani has hit out at gossip-mongers for constantly linking some female actors with their friends and well-wishers. The actress, who has been married to a doctor named Dr. Azeez Pasha, showed hurt that she was once linked up with a Rakhi brother.

In a statement, Sanjjanaa rued that actresses are linked up with cricketers, fellow actors and friends without a shred of evidence. Once they are spotted in a public place, the link-up rumours surface in no time, she complained. “They once declared my Rakhi brother as my sugar-daddy boyfriend. Even a brother is not spared,” she added.

Sanjjanaa is in a happy space these days, now that she has gone official about her marriage to Azeez. In the doctor, who has been her biggest well-wisher for the past 15 years, the actress has found a fatherly figure.

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