This is the current scenario of team India to qualify for the T20 WC semi-finals!

Tomorrow is the big day for team India despite it not being their match day. Not only team India but also the entire nation prays in support of Afghanistan to beat New Zealand in tomorrow’s world cup encounter.

As per the sports analyst Mufaddal Vohra, if Afghanistan beats New Zealand by less than 50 runs, and India needs to win against Namibia by more than 37 runs or chase in 15.5 overs.

If Afghanistan beats New Zealand by less than 25 runs, and India needs to win by more than 14 runs or chase in 18 overs against Namibia on 8th November.

Team India came back strong after the disappointing performances against Pak and Kiwis. In two nights, team India got a better run-rate than both Afghanistan and New Zealand.

With back to back wins, India gained the NRR of +1.619 compared to Afghanistan(+1.481) and New Zealand(+1.277). After losing to Pak and New Zealand, team India NRR is -1.61.

India became the fastest team to chase the target in fewer overs. Under Kohli’s Captaincy, India chased the target of 86 runs in 6.3 overs against Scotland.

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