Those rumours on Tuck Jagadish are false

Due to the Covid outbreak, not only shootings but also the theatrical release of many films have been postponed indefinitely. There were many films which were ready for the grand release.

Post the second wave subsides, it’s difficult to say which movie first hits the box office or continues the same pattern of release before the lockdown and outbreak. After Radhe has become a success with its OTT release, there have been several rumours circulated on Tollywood films too as few films opting for OTT release. Among them, Natural Star Nani’s Tuck Jagadish is one.

Today, the team has thrashed all these rumours and reiterated that Tuck Jagadish only releases in theatres. And said not to believe any rumours. The trailer and songs of Tuck Jagadish have amplified excitement on its release. Recently, Ravi Teja’s Khiladi team also said that their film only releases in theatres.

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