TRS is leading in Nagarjunasagar Assembly by-poll results

The TRS party is leading in the Nagarjunasagar Assembly by-elections. The ruling party TRS candidate Nomula Bhagat is leading in the counting so far. By the end of the 8th round, TRS candidate Bhagat was leading by 7,948 votes. In the 8th round, TRS candidate Nomula Bhagat got 3,249 votes, Congress candidate Janareddy got 1,893 votes and BJP candidate Ravikumar got 74 votes.

On the other hand,  the YSRCP candidate is leading in the Tirupati Loksabha by-poll. It is known that TDP, BJP and JSP have reported to SEC over the ruling party’s bogus votes during the by-election. Coming to five-state election results, BJP is leading in Assam and Puducherry whereas it is giving neck to neck fight to TMC.

In Kerala, LDF is leading with a clear majority. In Tamil Nadu, DMK is leading than the ruling AIADMK party. 

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