TSRTC sets a new record

On Monday, TSRTC set a new record with 78 per cent OR(Occupancy Ratio). Transport Minister Puvvada Ajay Kumar said the RTC had generated significant revenue of Rs 13.04 crore on the 23rd of August. On Tuesday, the minister congratulated the RTC staff and officials.

Speaking to the media on the occasion, the Minister said that TSRTC has been a pioneer in public transport service. On the 23rd, with an occupancy ratio (OR) of 78 per cent, Rs. 13.04 crore revenue was collected.  He said achieving 78 per cent OR through bus management is a milestone. He also said driving 31.77 lakh kilometres and achieving 41.05 EPK (Earnings per kilometre) is a testament to the performance of the staff.

The Telangana Minister said that RTC continues to reach its destination despite some obstacles to corona and diesel growth. Everyone has a special affiliation with the RTC in their day to day activities. Minister Puvvada Ajay urged passengers to travel in RTC buses and be more supportive to strengthen the company financially.

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