Two Delta Plus variant cases in the state

In Karnataka, two were found to be infected with the Delta Plus variant of the Novel Coronavirus, state health minister Dr K Sudhakar said. One in Mysore and one in Bangalore were infected. The information was conveyed to the Union Ministry of Health.

Dr Sudhakar said the first case of this variant in the state was diagnosed in Mysore. The symptoms did not appear in this person. He said that it was a good sign that none of those who had related to him were infected.  He was said to have been kept in isolation. He said they were carefully studying the appearance of new variants.

He said that they have decided to set up six genome sequencing laboratories in the state. He said that they are doing Genome sequencing when any doubt arises. The Karnataka Health Minister said up to five per cent of the total samples tested. He also said Covid-19 tests are being conducted in the state at a rate of about 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh per day.  He said that if there is a suspicion of Delta Plus sequencing, vaccines are being sent to the area.

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