Unmarried couples are not allowed inside Hyderabad parks

In Hyderabad, parks management have restricted the entry of unmarried couples.  Banners are placed at almost all popular parks in Hyderabad. Over this decision of restricting unmarried couples, Twitterati shared hilarious memes stating that a church father after pronouncing couple husband and wife instead of telling them now you may kiss the bride. He has uttered you may now enter Indira Park.


 There is another meme that Ranveer Singh is telling Deepika now let’s go to Indira Park and chill after tying the knot. The banner with the text imprinted,”Unmarried couples are not allowed inside the park” has appeared at Indira Park.

Labour and Child Rights Activist, Varsha Bhargavi tweeted the banner in front of Indira Park with hilarious memes and tagged KTR, GHMC with a note, dedicated to your intelligence. Some Twitterati made fun of this decision as the couple need to carry a marriage certificate along with them if they want to enter the park. Some expressed that Sanjeevaiah Park has turned into Children’s park completely for the same reason. 


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