Vaccination success: Chetan Bhagat trolled heavily

Acclaimed author Chetan Bhagat has been trolled severely on social media now that August saw the administration of an average of 5.64 million vaccine doses per day. In May this year, the author predicted that India’s vaccination drive will be a work in progress even after 3-4 years going by the rate at which vaccinations were being done at that time. Bhagat used an Excel sheet to explain his arithmetic. 

Since he didn’t take into consideration dynamic factors such as scaling up of vaccination production, among others, Bhagat has been criticized for “exhibiting pseudo-expertise”. A lot of Netizens are asking him to do a mea culpa. 

Unfazed by the criticism, Bhagat today took to Twitter and wrote that he had written a newspaper article, which he suggested served as a wake-up call to the government. “Glad vaccination pace picked up now. Happy to have contributed to bring attention to slow vaccination back in April and May. My column from then here, making the case for increasing pace 5-10x, which we have finally achieved now,” he wrote. 

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