Valimai heat reaches WTC final 2021

Previously, we have witnessed some fans of Thala Ajith have shown placards of ‘Valimai Update’ during India vs England test match in Chennai and some other notable events. Later, all such acts and Twitter trends requesting Valimai update have been stopped after Superstar Ajith Kumar’s press note requesting to stop such acts and the film’s update will be disclosed when the time is right.

It seems again attention-grabbing tactics have started. During the WTC final between India vs New Zealand at Southampton, a fan of Superstar displayed the placard of ‘Valimai Update’.  Over this, some expressed that no need to wonder if Thala Ajith again takes a stand to put an end to such attention-seeking tactics.

Coming to Valimai, the major portion of post production including dubbing also completed. Except for a powerful action schedule in foreign the entire shooting of the film has completed.

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