Venkatesh’s fans disappointed about ‘Narappa’ announcement

Amazon Prime today announced that ‘Narappa’ will hit the OTT on July 20. This is an earlier-than-expected direct-to-service release. 

Commenting on Venkatesh’s timeline, a lot of fans expressed their shocke. A fan said that he was hoping that ‘Narappa’ wouldn’t take the OTT route. “The official word was unexpected,” he added. 

A number of fans are of the opinion that the action drama, starring Venkatesh in a powerful role, is most apt for a theatrical release. The film has larger-than-life elements, with the music by Mani Sharma. 

But Venkatesh and his brother, producer D Suresh Babu, have locked a two-film deal with Amazon Prime and Hotstar already. In Hotstar, ‘Drushyam 2’ will release in August most probably. 

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