‘Vikram’ lauds ‘Malik’ Fahadh Faasil

One of the finest actors of Indian cinema, Fahadh Faasil has joined the sets of Vikram and shared a selfie of him with none other than Universal Star Kamal Haasan. The director Lokesh Kangaraj is filming some key scenes in the combination of Kamal and Fahadh for Vikram.

Well, the director Mahesh Narayanan and Fahadh Faasil has arranged a special screening of Malik to Kamal Haasan and director Lokesh. After watching the film, the Dasavatharam actor has lauded Fahadh Faasil for his terrific performance and the director for the brilliant execution.

Kamal Haasan also said that Malik would have become a super hit if it releases in theatres. It is not an ordinary thing that Fahadh Faasil’s performance has impressed the encyclopedia of acting, Kamal Haasan.

Well, the director Lokesh Kanagaraj is lucky enough to direct Kamal Haasan along with the two finest actors FaFa and Vijay Sethupathi.

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