Vishal Vs RB Choudhary: Police complaint lodged

Actor Vishal has lodged a police complaint against RB Choudhary, a producer associated with both Telugu and Tamil film industries. As per Vishal, the producer has not returned the promissory notes, cheque leaves and bonds that he had submitted while taking a loan from him many years ago. 

“It’s unacceptable that Mr RB Choudhary failed to return the Cheque Leaves, Bonds and Promissory Notes months after my repaying the loan to him. I had borrowed the money for producing ‘Irumbu Thirai’. The producer kept giving me evasive replies and excuses. One day, finally, he told me that he has misplaced the documents. We have lodged a complaint with Police,” Vishal wrote.

At the time of writing, the producer is yet to put out his version in public. 
The Tamil film industry must be mildly shocked, considering that Vishal and the producer’s son Jiiva have been good friends. 

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