VK Naresh gives a strong punch to Prakash Raj

It’s known that Prakash Raj is running for the post of MAA President. The other day, he raised a question as to when the elections are going to be held. It was perceived by many as a dig at the alleged lack of transparency at MAA.

On Wednesday, outgoing MAA President VK Naresh hit back at the actor without taking his name. He posted a copy of a resolution taken by the MAA General Body recently regarding the election. “If someone just asks repeatedly when is the election, it is like someone asking if he can jump into the pool before the water is filled. Our reply would be, ‘Please try, sir!’,” Naresh said.

The MAA elections were supposed to be held in March. But the elections were postponed because it was unanimously agreed upon that they have to be held only after the last financial year’s accounts are closed. By the time elections could be held in April, the covid situation deteriorated. So, it has been decided to hold the polls in September.

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