We have surplus oxygen: Delhi Deputy CM

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday said that the State has got surplus oxygen. He added that Delhi’s oxygen need is 582 MT per day, and that, as a responsible government, Delhi will give the surplus oxygen to the States needing it.

Soon after the AAP leader made the remarks, several folks from the BJP questioned his U-Turn. Vinit Goenka of the BJP IT cell wrote, “As soon as oxygen audit was asked for, the Aam Aadmi Party has become defensive. Shame on you all for dirty politics and playing with life of thousands of Delhiites.” It may be noted that, till recently, CM Kejriwal accused the Centre of not supplying enough oxygen. 

Social media user Dhaval Patel asked, “From 970 MT to 582 MT, the requirement of Oxygen has come down in flat 3 days without any corresponding reduction in cases. Scared of getting caught in upcoming Audit ordered by Court?”

Another Netizen tweeted, “For one month, AAP demanded 976 MT per day of Oxygen at the Delhi High Court. The moment Modi government told the Delhi High Court that it will audit oxygen usage in Delhi, the state government got scared.” 

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