We now have an anthem on Puri Jagannadh!

Someone thought that a song on Puri Jagannadh’s motivational ideology needs to be a part of his film. We are talking about writer-director Raj Virat and his movie ‘Bomma Blockbuster’, which features Nandu Vijay Krishna as the lead man. TV anchor Rashmi Gautam is its heroine.

On the eve of Puri’s birthday, a song titled ‘Love All The Haters’ from the movie was released. Composed by Prashanth R Vihari, it begins with a motivational monopoly, delivered as a rap, by the ‘Liger’ director. 

Written by ‘Abhinava Kavi’ Pranav Chaganty, the song was shot on the lead pair. Bankrolled by Praveen Pagadala, Bosubabu Nidumolu, Anand Reddy Maddi, and Manohar Reddy Eada, the film also has Raghu Kunche and Kireeti Damaraju in different roles. 

Currently in the post-production phase, ‘Bomma Blockbuster’ will hit the cinemas later this year. 

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