What next for Akash Puri?

Akash Puri’s second film, ‘Romantic’, hit the cinemas the other day. Expectedly, it received bigger openings than ‘Varudu Kaavalenu’ for the reason that its trailer was made for the 18-30 age group segment of the audience. 

But the fact is that not many are keen on watching Akash Puri as a gangster. Those who have watched the Anil Paduri directorial are of the opinion that writer Puri Jagannadh has penned a highly pompous character for his son. He becomes an unchallenged gangster pretty fast in the movie and it’s totally far-fetched for a relative newcomer like Akash. 

The ending was designed to draw sympathy for Akash and make him look human. But the intended effect hasn’t come about.

The question is, what next for Akash Puri? Should he do a rom-com instead of an action film? Should he tone down and not overdo his ‘heroism’? If ‘Chor Bazaar’ becomes a hit, it might give an answer.

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