When Rajinikanth gave a pleasant surprise to Mano

Singer Mano has been dubbing for Rajinikanth since the 1990s. His voice has suited the superstar the best in films like ‘Narasimha’, ‘Muthu’ and ‘Sivaji’.

In his latest interview, Mano has talked about the day when Rajini stunned him by calling him up directly. “It was a night. I was about to fall asleep. I got a call and the voice on the other side said that he is Rajinikanth. Since I am close to a lot of Kollywood comedians, I thought one of them was trying to pull by legs by mimicking his voice. I took it lightly but when he reiterated that it is him, I was pleasantly surprised. I said sorry to Rajini garu,” Mano recalled.

“When such a great man appreciates you in someone else’s presence, it’s more than enough. Imagine how I must have felt when he called me directly. He called me to laud me on my dubbing for him in ‘Sivaji,” Mano added.

Mano has acted in ‘Crazy Uncles’, which will hit the cinemas on August 19.

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