“Why is the Modi government frightened of debating on ‘Pegasus’ spyware?”- Owaisi

Over Pegasus Spyware, all opposition parties have been demanding a debate in the Parliament in presence of PM Modi and Amit Shah. No bills have been passed in both Houses as Parliament has been adjourning since day one of the Monsoon session due to the uproar of opposition parties.

AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi responded on Pegasus and questioned,” Why is the Modi government scared to allow a debate on Pegasus in Parliament? What does the BJP government want to hide?”.  Mr Owaisi said that opposition parties are willing to run the Parliament but not the Central government. He alleged that the Modi government wanted only to pass Bills and not give any chance to the opposition parties to hear their opinions.

The AIMIM chief also said that Triple Talaq is unconstitutional and Muslims at the root level are not accepted. He said that Triple Talaq is against equality and lead to more exploitation of Muslim women.

Over Owaisi’ allegations on Triple Talaq, Twitterati hit out hard at him. And a Twitterati replied to his comments as,”  Coming from the most regressive religion in the world where women are treated as slaves & sex objects, the statement on equality sound very hollow.”

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