Why target the film industry always?: Vishal

Vishal has spoken out against the changes to the Cinematograph Act, which if passed will give powers to the Central government to call back a CBFC certification. Taking to Twitter on Saturday, the ‘Chakra’ actor said that the film industry has been targeted repeatedly by the government.

In his angry tweet, the ‘Abhimanyudu’ star lamented that the GST law was brought in first. Besides, there has been no action against piracy. “And now, this new law,” Vishal said.

He questioned why we should even have a Censor Board if the government is empowered to review a film. “What happens to the Freedom of Expression? It’s not at all fair to bring in this law,” the actor opined.

Vishal was recently in Hyderabad to shoot for a movie. ‘Enemy’, co-starring Arya, is one of his next outings.

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