Will increase drug production for Black fungus

Union Secretary of State for Health Lav Agarwal said efforts were being made to increase the production of Amphotericin B, a drug used in the treatment of black fungus. Speaking to the media on Saturday, he said the drug was available in limited quantities in our country and its availability and supply had increased. The Ministry of Pharma and the Ministry of Health are working in collaboration to make the drug available.

In addition, these two departments are working in coordination to issue licenses to five manufacturing companies. He said current manufacturers are trying to increase their production capacity.

Many states including Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Karnataka and Assam have declared Black Fungus as an epidemic. Black fungus cases are mostly seen in Covid-19 patients. The symptoms include blurred vision, double vision, chest pain, and respiratory problems. As of May 21, there were 8,848 black fungus cases reported across the country, according to central government figures. Gujarat has the highest number of cases at 2,281; There were 2,000 cases in Maharashtra and 910 in Andhra Pradesh.

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