Women ransack liquor shop in Odisha

Visuals of the women of Odisha’s Jajpur ransacking a liquor shop as part of their anti-liquor protest have come to light. As reported by OTV, men scrambled to collect the liquor bottles thrown out by the protesting women. 

The visuals have been seen as quite peculiar. Many have reacted on the Internet. 

“The prohibition movements in Odisha and Bihar may actually be some of the best examples of women led social movements in the recent past. Can imagine their frustration. Lockdown where men stay more at home and easier access to alcohol. Paving the way for more violence (sic),” wrote columnist Pratyasha Rath.

Men collecting the liquor bottles has been seen as a hilarious occurence. “Alcoholism, especially among poor, is a real problem. A big problem. Don’t downplay women’s concerns with ‘men will be men’ jokes, please,” countered columnist Swati Goel Sharma. 

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