WTC Final 2021: Clear sky in Southampton, but..!

Yesterday, the complete Day 1 of WTC Final 2021 was washed away due to rain. According to the latest reports, clouds have been cleared and Sun is out. The ground staff has already started their work, especially outfield.

This second-day play will be on time. The toss is scheduled at 2.30 PM IST and the first ball will be at 3 PM IST as things stand and everything will go ahead on time. If the Sun blazes throughout the day, a few more extra overs to be played.

But here in Southampton, the weather is unpredictable. The forecast will keep changing here and the rain likely to arrive in the noontime of UK. As per the reports, the morning session of play between India and New Zealand is much likely to happen.

As per CricCrazy Johns, there are good chances of play to happen in Day 2 (Around 80-85 overs) in the WTC final apart from few passing showers and some bad light late end of the day.

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