WTC Final 2021: The first session on Day 1 is called off  

It is disappointing to hear that the first session of ICC world test championship 2021 is called off due to rain. Just thirty minutes away from the scheduled start of play but it continues to drizzle there in Southampton. The match officials who are on the field have inspected the ground and announced cancelling the first session of the play on Day 1.

To witness the maiden WTC final, not only Indian cricket fans but also test cricket match lovers across the globe are pretty much excited. But the rain has spoiled it. The Cricket lovers across the globe are suggesting the England Cricket Board have a roof in all cricket stadiums to conduct a tournament smoothly.

And cricket experts calling these types of circumstances not only kills the excitement of the spectators but also the players. They also said that players will lose concentration if rain interrupts the play repeatedly.

As said earlier, it was tough for team India to focus on the game and play top class kiwi seamers in these conditions. Team India hasn’t played any game and they are directly entering into the ground whereas Kiwis have won the series 1-0 against England in the two-match Test series.

Compared to India, the New Zealand team is full-on confidence and josh. They’ve better acquainted with the conditions, especially the pitch compared to team India.

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