Yogi Adityanath is proud of his covid management

In April, Uttar Pradesh received bad press for the covid disaster that was unfolding in the State. In May, we have seen reports of dead bodies floating in the Ganga river. Very many Covid deaths are said to have led to relatives throwing dead bodies into the river.

That said, the situation has improved drastically in the last few weeks in UP. In this regard, its Chief Minister has said that the recovery rate is 93% and the test positivity rate has come down to 2%.

Speaking at a presser, Yogi Adityanath said that the number of cases in the second wave had peaked at 38,000 in the last week of April, and is now hovering at 4000 a month later. At the end of April, active cases in UP were as high as 3.1 lakh. Today, they are said to be at 85,000.

The BJP leader thanked the Ministry of Railways and the Indian Air Force for facilitating the distribution of oxygen effectively to districts across UP. 

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